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Econ's La Cala pool league is organised by 'Econ pool & snooker'. Currently there is one division that plays to old EPA Rules. Teams can take part from the La Cala, Jardin Botanica, Riviera and El Faro areas, if you are in the Fuengirola area (Fuengirola, Las Lagunas, Los Boliches & Torreblanca) then you can contact us about taking part in a Fuengirola league.

Trophys, prizes etc. for the league generally comes to around of 800€ to 1000€, plus there is the time involved in picking up results, delivering results and costs in the general running of the league. Currently there are no subs charged to players for taking part in the league, all monies are covered by team entrance fee, Econ Pool and snooker, and any sponsorship that is offered.

Most questions can be answered in the Econ League Guidelines, the following are a few points about the league that may or may not be covered in those guidelines:

Matches consist of 6 singles and 3 doubles, teams should exist of at least 6 players although we recommend having more in case some players are not available on match nght. There should be a snack break during the frames, this would generally be between the singles and doubles frames.
You should turn up and play even if you have 3 players, with 3 players you can still play 3 singles and 1 doubles game while with 4 players you can play all fixtures although in the latter case any one player cannot play more than 3 frames and the players names must be drawn from a glass.

Team entry:
A team entry fee to the league is 75€ along with a deposit payment of 80€ (40€ if a mini league), this deposit payment will be returned in full if all fixures have been completed or the remainder less any late cancellation deductions if made. If the pool table in your bar is an ECON pool table then ECON will pay 50€ towards the team entry fee.

Operator entry:
If the pool table in your bar is not an ECON pool table then your pool table company will be expected to contribute to the costs of the league. If your table is from another operator then that operator will be expected to pay a 100€ league entry fee plus 50€ for each team entered that uses their tables, this is on top of the team entry fee and deposit.

There will be 'Swatkins' trophys for 1st (+80€), 2nd (+60€) and 3rd (+40€) places, individual player trophys and medals for team players.
A two piece snooker cue and case with a value of 130€ for the player(s) with the highest ranking points.
A raffel for a two piece snooker cue and case with a value of 100€ at the presentation.

In the 2013 season players with ranking points of 5 or above will receive 1€ for each point. To receive this winnings the player muct show at the presentation, the winnings cannot be picked up by anyone else.

There will be an interleague home and away between the winners of the Fuengirola and La Cala leagues, this will take place at the end of the Fuengirola league.

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