Welcome to ECON's La Cala pool league - Tuesday's (Season 2012/2013)

This site makes the Econ La Cala pool league information accessable on one site, with fixtures, results and teams along with bar information all available in one place. In the near future we hope to add other functions such as player statistics: See who is playing best for you overall, in singles matches and in doubles, also we want to make the web site 'more' mobile friendly so you can access information easily from your phone rather than simply having a small version of the web site.

This season (2012/2013) the La Cala pool league has been pulled from week 2, for a league to function it needs commitment from all the team players, unfortunatley this year that has not been possible as teams have been having problems from week 1, it seems obvious that after week 2 that there is no point on going on. When bars feel they are in a situation to be able to put teams forward with confidence then I will very willingly organise a La Cala league again.

Econ's La Cala pool league is organised by 'Econ pool & snooker', it runs through the winter months and generally starts the first week in November each year.

Taking part in a pool league can be fun for your customers and can generate business for your bar. Being involved generally leads to customers visiting your bar more often, it will help you to get to know people and so generate more custom while also giving your customers an interesting activity to be involved in most weeks through the winter months.

I think it is important to understand that I 'Mike/ECON' do not consider this to be my league, the players and bars that take part should consider it to be 'their' league that Mike or ECON organises for them. The league can evolve as the people who take part want it to evolve so do not be afraid to offer your input or suggestions.

Contact us if you want to take part in this league.


If you need to reschedule any game then let the opposing team know ASAP. Cancellation of matches need to be communicated to the opposing team with at least 24 hours notice of the match. Failure to do so will forfeit 20€ from your team deposit and could result in a (7 : -1) or (-1 : 7) loss unless it has been agreed to reschedule at the time of notifiying the opposing team you will not turn up. In any case there will still be a forfeit of 20€ for letting the opposing team down inside a 24 hour period, results will be updated when the game has been played.
You need to let the opposing team know, informing ECON Mike is not sufficient.

Any reschedule of matches must be played as soon as is possible.

If no notice is given then an automatic 7, -1 loss or -1, 7 loss will be incurred by the team that does not turn up.

Home teams generally go to a lot of trouble to prepare food and some players in general make special arrangements to be available to play, please do not disrespect this. Please read the League Guidelines for more information.

The main objective of Econ's pool leagues is for players and bars taking part to have fun and enjoy the game of pool, by all means try to win, after all that is also what a league is about but please remember... this is only a game of pool!

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  • Vibes

The ads on the left are for the bars with teams taking part in this years league, these are all friendly bars where we are sure you will enjoy your visit.

If you don't know where they are then just click the ad of the bar to open a google map of where that bar is.

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