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ECON La Cala Tuesday pool league Guidelines

These guidelines will supersede any other version of league guidelines.
You can Download a copy (v3) of these Guidelines as a PDF file.

1. Rules

2. Frames

3. Start times

4. Number of players

5. Re arranged fixtures

6. Cancelling

7. Points

8. Players

9. Player transfers

10. Loss of game

11. Referees

12. Penalty payment

13. Conferring

14. Coaching

15. Slow play

16. Dispute

17. Score sheets

18. Matches schedule

19. Prizes

20. Draw

21. Behavior

22. Refusing to play

23. Sponsors

24. Important

25. Last but not least

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Games rules will be based on the Old EPA Rules, a copy of these will be supplied to each team entered in the league.


Each league match will consist of 9 games (6 singles and 3 doubles). Teams should best consist of a minimum of 6 players but it is advised to have more.

All frames can be played with 4 players if only 4 players turn up, if less than 4 players are available then those player frames can & should be played. (See guideline 4 Number of players).


First game should start by 8:30 (20:30). Teams that arrive after 8:30 (20:30) can loose a frame for every 10 minutes late ‘unless otherwise arranged or home team has been advised of late arrival in advance’, if a player is available then he/she should start the match and not wait until the captain arrives unless agreed to by both teams. If you are going to be late arriving at the match venue then let the home team captain know assoon as possible! (See guideline 12 - Fines).


For ALL 9 frames to be played a minimum of 4 players is needed:

4 singles to be played by each player while the remaining singles matches must de played with 2 names drawn from a glass from those 4 players to make 6 singles games.

2 doubles frames to be played with the 4 players then...

the remaining doubles match must de played with players using all the other players names being drawn from a glass (or by other means as long as agreed to by both teams), although only one player can play 3 frames, while no player should play more than 3 frames in any league match... otherwise the matches may be forfeited as under guideline 9.

(a) Doubles can be played using any of the singles players but can also be played using other players, so these frames can be played using other players from your team or if you are short and a customer in the bar is willing to play and that person has not played or does not play for another team in the same league. Note: If this is the case then the frame will be considered lost to the team using this player.

(b) A league match can be played if there are at least 2 players available…

in the case of 2 players available then 2 singles and 1 double match can be played (Poss’ 3 points). In the case of 3 players available then 3 singles and 1 double can be played (Poss’ 4 points). In the case of 4 players then 6 singles and 3 doubles but remembering that any ‘one player’ can play a maximum of 3 frames in total and that is when there are only 4 players available, otherwise no player can play more than 2 frames.

(c) If a player plays more than one singles frame then it is the first frame that is used for player ranking purposes, even if they are playing to replace another team player that is not available (Also see Guideline 17 (c) SCORE SHEETS).


(a) Any fixtures that are re-arranged should be arranged to be played within a maximum of 14 days after the original fixture date but not exceeding the week before the final fixture of the league except in excepcional circumstances otherwise the team requesting the re-arrange will be deemed to have lost the match 7-0 (6 points + 1 win - 0).

(b) Any fixtures that are re-arranged must be done with a reasonable warning on fixture date, not less than 5 days would be considered reasonable unless both teams agree.

(c) If 2 options of dates cannot be agreed on for any reason then the match will be deemed to be null and void with a score of 0-0 (0 points).

Note: Any re arranged fixture should preferrably be played at the venue that they where originally drawn unless agreed to by both teams taking part. The landlord of that venue must be made aware of any change as early as possible before the day of the mixture, as well as (Econ) Mike.


If a fixture needs to be cancelled then the cancelling team captain or acting captain must notify the other team captain or venue. It does not class as a cancellation if the opposing team has not been notified. NOTE: Calling Mike does not mean a successful cancellation!

(a) The actual team venue or captain must be notified and it is the cancelling team captains responsibility to do this. Telephone numbers are show on the website and be handed out in the league paperwork.

(b) Due notice for cancellation needs to be given, if a fixture needs to be cancelled or rearranged it needs to be done 20 hours before the fixture or a penalty deduction of 20 € will be made against that teams deposit along with a 1 point penalty. This 20 € deduction will be paid to the bar of the team that was let down. This 20 € can be used to cover any snacks that might have been prepared or spent on giving the team players a beer… 'for example'.
You need to speak to the bar owner or team captain for a cancellation to be accepted as that.

(c) If a match needs to be rescheduled and not cancelled then this needs to be stated clearly at the time of making the call to the other team captian, if there is any confusion on this then the word of the team being let down is what will stand.

(d) If a does not turn up without informing 'the opposing team captain' then a 40 € deduction will be made from that teams deposit (or as much that is left if less than 40 € remains) and paid to the team bar that was let down 'see (b) above' and a 3 point deduction will be made from the teams points that never turned up.


Scoring will be 1 point per game won, plus 1 bonus point for the winning team unless the opposing team fails to show. If a team cancels or fails to show then the other team will be awarded 7 points (6 points plus 1 win point) and the defaulting team zero points.

Note: If a team lets down the opposing team a 20€ forfit from their deposit and 1 point penalty will be incurred.


Once a player has played a frame for an individual team, they are deemed to be registered to that team for the duration of the league (See guideline 9 – Player transfers).


The transferring of players to another team will be allowed under certain circumstances, an example of some of these would be:

(a) In the event of the venue either closing, ceasing to trade or ceasing to function as a pool venue (no longer has a pool table). It will be the responsibility of the team to try and re-locate. Econ pool must be informed as soon as possible if a venue will be no longer available, any deposit will be lost if the team does not continue.

(b) When there is no objection from 50% or more of the teams playing in the league (within 3 days of posting), to object the player/s objection needs to be raised with Econ Mike: 609 504 427.

Note: It could take up to 14 days to get clearance on a transfer request, a transfer request can be done verbally by calling ‘Econ’ Mike, no paperwork is involved for application.


As outlined in the Old EPA rules supplied by ECON, including…

(a) In the event of a player submitting defeat.
(b) A Frame can be claimed if a player puts his cue away (unscrews it or puts it in its case)
(c) A Frame can be claimed if a player throws his cue or shows aggression.


Referee/s can be selected on the fixture night, it is the home teams responsibility to supply any referees although members of the visitors team or spectators can be used if they are happy to do so, this is left to the teams to suit themselves.


(a) If a ‘team’ cancels * any * match night relating to the league or connected with the league after the day before a fixture then the team let down can claim 20€ from the defaulting teams deposit payment and a 1 point deduction will be made from that teams points.

(b) If a ‘team’ does not turn up on * any * match night relating to the league or connected with the league without giving notification to the opposing team captian then the team let down can claim 40€ from the defaulting teams deposit payment and a 3 point deduction will be made from that teams points.

This will be paid to the bar of the team that was let down and can be used to compensate for any snacks that might have been prepared or used at the bar owners discretion.

This deduction will be enforced without question. Money will be paid from a teams deposit payment or up to the equivalent of the remaining deposit, any team that uses up their deposit has the option of renewing their deposit fund by 80 € or be expelled from the league.

Most people understand that it is just disrespectful to let other team players and bars down, bar owners go out of their way to prepare snacks and this costs them money while some players may make arrangements and book baby sitters so they can play... even if you only have 2 players then go and play your games!


No conferring is allowed after the break through until the end of a frame unless between two doubles partners of the frame being played, if conferring takes place other than this after a referees warning it will be classed as coaching. (See guideline 14 - Coaching).


Coaching is not allowed during a game and can result in the playing rules being strictly adheared to if coaching persists after a referees warning. A player is permitted to consult with a referee as regards to the rules, even during his match.


Referees will warn a player who is in his opinion taking too long between shots and will be asked to make progress (1.5 to 2 minutes would be deemed as slow play). If the player does not play within several seconds after a slow play warning then the referee can award a foul.

(There are very few incidents within the league where players should be penalised for slow play, referees are urged to apply the rules only in severe circumstances so as to maintain the very good playing spirit that is evident within the league).


In the case of any dispute the referees decision is final. (It is to be remembered that this league is for sporting purposes and matches should be played in a sportsman like manner).

(a) In a dispute all games must still be played, any games not played will be deemed as lost to any player who refuses to play, if both players refuse to play then the match will be deemed null and void.

(b) If a match is not completed as per these guidelines then that match needs to be replayed.

(c) If a replay cannot be arranged within 14 days and without dispute then the match may be declared void with both teams receiving 0 points.

(d) If there is any dispute and no clear or matching description of the issue can be made the match or match frame will be declared void with both teams receiving 0 points.


(a) Score sheets will be supplied, these must be returned signed by both team captains. Frame player names should be entered into these scoresheets before that frame is played, this then provides total transparency on team opponents and so pairing cannot take place.

(b) It is important to enter players FULL NAMES on score sheets, otherwise player ranking will not be taken into consideration and will result in as a 0 if not clear. It will not be possible to change or alter names later.

(d) The proper full name of the player that played a frame must be entered against that frame player name, even if that player replaces another player that is not available to play.

(c) If a score sheet or frame results are tampered with those frames will result as lost frames with the other player getting the point.


The schedule of play on league match evenings would be:

8:00 p.m. to 8:30 (20:00 to 20:30 ) Team players expected to turn up at venue.

8:30 p.m. (20:30) First game of singles should start and continue over 6 frames, if both teams are present and want to start before the official start time then would not be a problem nor is any delay in the starting times… if this is amicable between both teams.

After 8:30 p.m. (20:30) 10 minutes will be allowed per player to turn up, 1 point will be awarded to the opposite team each time after this deadline passes.
E.g: Say 3 players turn up by 8:40, if no other player has turned up by 9:00 and there is a frame due to be played then 1 point can be claimed by the opposing team, if by 9:10 no other player has turned up then another 1 point can be claimed by the other team etc. up to a maximum of 7 points, in which case the result will be set at 0,7 or 7,0... whichever is relative)

A 15 to 20 minute snack break (Sandwiches, stew or other to be supplied by home team).

First of 3 doubles frames to start approximately 15 to 20 minutes after the snack break starts.

Note: The intention is for all to have a friendly league, if both teams are happy to fill in names as played, to wait and give opposition players more time or play some doubles matches before all singles are played to accommodate teams… then that is between those teams involved. The guidelines are a guide, if there is call for dispute they should be followed.

After the end of the matches both score sheet should be signed by both captains and left with the home team, this will then be picked up by Mike.


There will be the following prizes:

1st - Winners- Venue € payment, team trophy & individual player trophies.
2nd - Runners up - Team trophy & individual player trophies.
3rd - Runners up - Team trophy & individual player medals.

*Top ranking player prize (2 piece cue and case sponsored by Econ pool).
*1€ per plyer point for players that have 5 or more points at the end of the league (Must show at presentation to receive this, no show no €'s).
*Best food/snacks award (Plate trophy).
*Raffle for a 2 piece snooker cue.

League presentation will be made at the winning teams bar/venue.

20. DRAW

If for any reason there is a draw after the last fixture has been played then a (6 single matches) play-off will be played over the following 2 weeks after the last fixture at both team venues and then finally a 3 match singles best of 1 frame knock out if a draw still exists.


(a) Cheating is not considered 'nor ever has been considered' a sportsman like behaviour, any team caught cheating will have their match night points deleted and their total marked down 2 points 'with 0 points for snacks if it is the home team'.

(b) Teams that participate in the league are expected to take an interest in the league, if not all your players have turned up the matches than can be played with theose players that do turn up will be expected to be played. NOTE: It is considered as disrespectful and inconsiderate to let other teams and players down, penalties for doing so will be enforced 100%

(c) Teams failing to fullfill their fixtures or being reported to the league for rowdy or unfriendly behaviour may be expelled from the league and their deposit lost.


Any game/frames that can be played should be played.

(a) If a player refuses to play their frame then that frame will be deemed as being lost by the player refusing to play, no questions asked!

(b) If a team refuses to play then that match will be deemed as being lost bt the team refusing to play, no questions asked!

(c) If both teams refuse to play then the match will be deemsed null and void with no score going to either team, no questions asked!

If there are issues then the frame and match needs to be played. The issues can be sorted out afterwords.


We are interested in sponsors, anyone with a business wishing to sponsor the league for Fuengirola or La Cala should contact Mike, there are many benefits in sponsorship & it doesn’t cost a fortune.


It goes without saying that every team taking part in this league respects these guidelines.


REMEMBER, THIS LEAGUE IS FOR YOUR FUN……. It is to enjoy yourselves.

Thanks to everyone who supports the league through sponsorship or otherwise.

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